Jeep Compass Frequently Asked Questions

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If you're a driver who seeks adventure around Edinboro and Erie, the Jeep Compass is the perfect partner in crime. From its smart and comfortable interior to its performance-driven design, this vehicle is engineered to tackle a wide range of driving challenges in Meadville. To help you decide if the Compass is the right option, we've collected the most frequently asked questions about this powerful SUV.

Is the Jeep Compass good for off roads?

Yes. The Compass is engineered with a variety of features to help it perform well when you leave the roads behind. The high air intakes enable you to drive through water, and the available four-wheel-drive systems help maintain traction on a wide range of terrain types. The Compass also comes with excellent articulation, a high ground clearance, and easy steering, so you can drive across rocky ground or down rutted roads with ease. Plus, thanks to its all-weather capability, the Compass is a great option for four-season adventures.

How many miles does the Jeep Compass last?

That varies by the driver. The Compass' powertrain comes with a warranty that lasts for five years or 60,000 miles - that means that you're covered for at least that long. However, as long as you drive responsibly and keep up with scheduled maintenance, you can safely expect the Compass to last for many more years.

Can the Jeep Compass tow a boat?

Possibly. The maximum towing capacity on the Compass is 2,000 pounds when it's equipped with the 2.4-liter Tigershark engine. That means that technically, you can tow a small boat; however, this will vary based on how much your trailer weighs, the weight of the boat, and the weight of your passengers. Our team is happy to help you figure out whether or not the Compass works for your unique situation and towing equipment.

Can the Jeep Compass be flat towed?

No. The Compass is not suited for flat towing. If you choose a front-wheel-drive model, it's possible to dolly-tow the Compass with the front wheels off of the ground. However, Jeep recommends that trailer-towing is the best option for your Compass.

Does the Jeep Compass have Apple CarPlay?

Yes. All trim levels of the Compass are compatible with Apple CarPlay. This system uses the Uconnect multimedia display that's mounted in the dashboard. It's easy to take advantage of this smartphone integration.

How much does the Jeep Compass weigh?

The weight varies by model and the options you choose. For example, the curb weight of the Latitude trim level with four-wheel-drive is 3,327 pounds. The maximum weight that this model can hold, including fluids, passengers, and cargo, is 4,600 pounds.

How many seats does the Jeep Compass have?

The Compass has five seats across two rows. The front row features two seats, and the back row comes with three seats. You can easily take your family on drives around Corry and Conneaut, OH in this model.

Does the Jeep Compass have adaptive cruise control?

Adaptive cruise control is available as part of the Advanced Safety and Security Group. When you switch into cruise control, activate this feature, and choose the following distance-it automatically watches for vehicles in front of you. If that vehicle slows down, your Compass adjusts its speed to maintain the correct gap. Are you driving in stop-and-go traffic? This system can even stop your Compass completely and resume cruising when traffic starts moving again.

Does the Jeep Compass have Android Auto?

Yes. Every model of the Compass comes with Android Auto, so you can plug in your phone and use your apps through the Uconnect touchscreen. Keep in mind that Android Auto has specific requirements; you'll need to make sure that your phone is running a compatible operating system. To make the connection work correctly, be sure that Android Auto's app is downloaded onto your phone.

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