Ram 1500 Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

To make sure your Ram 1500 continues to perform well, staying on top of services and repairs is a must. Fortunately, the Ram pickup truck is integrated with a smart system that will help you keep track of your checkups. Below, we go into detail on the different indicator lights you will see your dashboard.

The most common indicator lights you will see on are color-coded as white or blue. They are there to inform you for when certain features, such as Hill Descent Control, are awaiting activation. Otherwise, you will see indicator lights in green, yellow, and red colors.

Green Indicator Lights let you know when your headlights, fog lights, and cruise control are activated. Each one is depicted with icons that are recognizable. For instance, high-beams are illustrated with a headlight bulb emitting lines that symbolize light. Some indicators will have variations. For instance, cruise control is portrayed as a speedometer with or without an arrow. Respectively, it means the system is either on or off.

Yellow Indicator Lights let you know when the engine, anti-lock brakes, and transmission system are due for a service or repair. As you might have guessed, the engine light is represented as just that—a conventional vehicle engine. The anti-lock braking system is also easy to spot as it is denoted as "ABS" on the dash. The transmission light is less straight-forward. It is shown as a thermometer within a gear to suggest the temperature of the system is high and requires attention.

The exception is the electronic stability control light. Portrayed as a car with wavy tread lines, this yellow indicator will turn on when the system is in use.

Red Indicator Lights suggest there are components of your vehicle that need immediate attention. The seat belt indicator looks like a buckled seatbelt, the engine temperature light looks like a thermometer dipped in liquid, the oil pressure light looks like an oil can, and the electronic throttle control light looks like a lightning bolt. The brake light is displayed as the words "BRAKE." When these lights are on, do not wait. It is imperative that you have the issues resolved by a professional technician.

Now you know a little more as to what these indicator lights mean when they come on in your Ram 1500. For more information, you can always refer to your owner's manual. Otherwise, please feel free to schedule an appointment at the Cunningham Chrysler of Edinboro service center to speak with one of our experienced representatives today.

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