Deciding Upon 4-Wheel-Drive or All-Wheel Drive Vehicles

So what is all the fuss about 4-wheel-drive vs. all-wheel drive? Don't both of them give you more traction in difficult terrain or on slick and muddy roads? Yes, that is true, but they differ in effectiveness depending on the specific terrain.

The type of vehicle will determine whether you have all-wheel-drive or 4-wheel-drive. All-wheel-drive are found in sedans, high-performance cars, and crossovers. 4-wheel drive vehicles are typically larger SUVs and trucks.

The 4-wheel drive vehicles are usually off-road and are used in rough terrains. Construction and outdoors types prefer 4-wheel-drive. All-wheel drive vehicles have a constant power flow to the wheels and adjust to different pavement conditions more readily. 4-wheel drive vehicles use a low gearing range with locking differentials.

If you have specific questions about which type of vehicle would work best for you, stop by our showroom at Cunningham Chrysler of Edinboro and we can get more specific in regard to your needs.

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